Big Pharma’s success is traditionally based on their key competences: R&D and marketing. While this will remain true, Biotech companies with their close  proximity to academia and scientific progress will play an increasingly important role in driving pharmaceutical innovation. Although the business strategies   of early stage Biotech and Big Pharma differ, both can benefit massively from each other through  licensing new technologies. Today, more than one third of all Investigational New Drugs are already  developed through alliances and these drug candidates are 30% more successful in achieving FDA  approval than single company products. Furthermore, a number of blockbuster drugs are losing patent protection in the coming years. This  typically leads to an 80% average decline in revenues for the patent owner within the next twelve  months. Thus, for Big Pharma it’s all about acquiring innovative products or companies with attrac-  tive product pipelines to ascertain their future revenues.   Leveraging great ideas is the key to get ahead and to stay in front in a competitive environment such as the biotech and pharmaceutical sector. SciXess® supports you to reach this goal! Since several years there is a continuously growing licensing and collaborating activity between Biotech and Big-Pharma which can - if managed well -  lead to a tremendous win-win situation for both partners. Independently whether you are looking for new technologies, if you want to license out your  technology in return for revenues or if you are planning M&A activities, SciXess® supports and accompanies you throughout the whole process.  We forge alliances that work! Consulting Licensing Rating SciXess supports you with hands-on advice and long term experience in:  Developing & implementing business development strategies Developing & implementing effective collaboration processes Identifying and valuating potential licensing opportunities   Negotiating all types of business contracts such as: -    Contract research projects  -    In- and out-licensing   -    Asset deals -    Joint Ventures  M&A deals and strategic partnerships Strategic consulting Company financing © sciXess® 2002-2012 Legal Note