SciXess’ Technology Rating helps:  the management team to understand their strategic options generate early profits from innovative technologies   to respond to competitive challanges in time to take the right decisions at the right time   the management team to identify risks of project failure earlier  to develop new strategies for new markets ahead of others   to reach your technological and financial goals and thus,   to make your business a success! Today, the “Not Invented Here” syndrome is something of the past, as more and more companies  have realized that they cannot develop everything they need internally while technological advances  are made outside in the meanwhile. However, the transfer of innovative technologies from research  institutes to commercial partners or from business to business (B2B) makes it necessary to acquire  intellectual property (IP) rights to get access to these technologies.  There is a diversity of cash flows in IP license agreements (lump sums, upfront payments, milestone  payments, running royalties, escalating royalties, royalty floors, buy-out options, …). At a first glance  this diversity may appear difficult to calculate but being familiar with these multiple options dramati-  cally improves the efficiency of reaching a successful and sustainable agreement in a licensing or  financing negotiation. The financial valuation of IP-rights is the prerequisite to manage this process  in an efficient way, to develop creative options and to come to the closing of an agreement with  attractive deal terms for both parties. At SciXess® we perform not only technology valuations; we  also provide long lasting and hands on experience in the negotiation of licensing agreements. IP-rights are a central area in today’s knowledge based industries, where techniques, products, applications and legal matters are mixed and patent  valuations become more and more important. At SciXess® we do not simply add a price tag to a patent by applying standard valuation techniques. Although we do also make use of Discounted Cash  Flow analyses and Real-Option methods, we strictly follow the rating principles when valuating technologies. According to these principles, a  technology rating always consists of a qualitative and a quantitative part. It is SciXess’ strong conviction that only the combination of both approaches  has the power to cover the risks of technology-based projects which typically run through a cascade of developmental stages and take a long time before  they generate first revenues or break even.  Take the right decission at the right time! Consulting Licensing Rating SciXess provides relevant information about your technology, the competitive environment and the respective market. Our experience will help you to take the right decision at the right time. © sciXess® 2002-2012 Legal Note